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Autism Spain designs actions to respond to the training needs of professionals linked to the group of autistic people, family members and autistic people in the field of intervention, management and direction of organisations, as well as families of autistic people. Through the transfer of knowledge, the aim is to achieve the following results:

  1. Training and specialisation of the associative umbrella.
  2. Specialisation of the interventions and practices that are carried out in the health, educational, labour and social services fields around the collective.
  3. Development of specific intervention programs that are more innovative and better suited to the needs of the group of autistic people.
  4. Improvement of the technical quality of the projects developed by the organisations.
  5. Incorporation in organisations that provide direct care services to autistic people, of new management and direction criteria that favour their organisational development and the optimization of resources.

Training and support in the acquisition of skills and competencies is very important for the professionals who work with the group of autistic people, their families and also, of course, for the autistic people themselves. The training shave also the easy-to-read version.

The main lines of training are:

  1. Employment
  2. TIC
  3. Inclusive governance
  4. Education
  5. Health