Exercise 1 – For Parents and Tutors

Strategy Examples Use this when…

Use chaining to gradually teach a process.

Have a look at the process in the visual below. 

What also is illustrated is the forward vs backward chaining, which you can choose when applying this methodology.

A child learning to wash his/her hands independently may start with learning to turn on the faucet.

Once this initial skill is learned, the next step may be getting their hands wet. 

Afterwards, they would learn to take soap. 

Once this skill is learned, you can teach them to rub hands. 

Afterwards, the next skill is to rinse their hands. 

Once learned, you can move on to the turning off the faucet.

If desired by the parent, one final step can be taught – the drying of the hands. 

If you want to apply Chaining for children for Washing their hands

Tip: Visit the Chaining Module in order to prepare this exercise better

Exercise 2 – For ASD Professionals

Strategy Examples Use this when…
Use Chaining to teach complex skills.

This exercise is rather complex and has many steps that the client has to take in order to master the skill, therefore it was recommended that an ASD professional learns the client with this skill rather than the parent.
  1. Locate his coat from the hooks in the hall
  2. Bring the coat inside the classroom
  3. Lay the coat down on the floor
  4. Make sure the zipper/buttons are facing up
  5. Locate the top of the coat
  6. Stand with the tips of your toes touching the top of the coat
  7. Squat down
  8. Place your arms out in front of you, palms facing down
  9. Slide one hand part way into the sleeve on the same side
  10. Slide your other hand part way into the other empty sleeve
  11. Leaving your hands in the sleeves, slowly start to stand up
  12. Raise your arms, with the coat, slowly in front of you
  13. “Flip” the coat over your head
  14. Slide your hands the rest of the way through the sleeves.

Reinforcement is then provided upon completing the last step!

To teach complex behaviors made of behavior chains that the current learner does not have in their repertoire